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Location: Caesarea, Israel
Status:     In Progress
Scope:     5,000 sqm


My first meeting with H2PRO leaders was in a small office in the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) where it all started.

A promising young startup with a mission to enable wide scale adoption of sustainable hydrogen fuel, looking to design new offices, production plant and laboratories in Caesarea and make it their home.

The space had to be flexible and suitable for the changing growth of the staff.

Our goal was to create a creative space, encourage collaboration and constant exchange of ideas, while preserving the comfortable, homey feel of the offices.

The office space was planned as a main axis connecting 3 boxes, each represent a different zone – Formal zone, Informal public collaboration, and private space.

The materials that were picked are natural and warm. A touch of concrete and glass accompany a main wood wall façade that divides the different areas and allowing natural light to path through and unite the entire space.


The location of the lab spaces allows a separate, clean zone, but comfortably close to the offices offering a comfortable work flow for the employees.

Phase 1

Phase 2

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